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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here today, gone tomorrow! After we reported that Martin Lawrence was working on a new comedy for CBS, it has been announced that the network decided NOT to pick up the pilot. The comedy was about a single-dad, who at 46, loses his construction job and embarks on a new career as a police offer. Actress Regina Hall was set to play opposite Lawrence and former “Wonder Years” star Fred Savage had signed on to direct. This bad news comes on the heels of Lawrence announcing his divorce from wife Shamicka. Let’s hope things get better for Martin soon!

Wendy Raquel Robinson on 'The Game' Cast Changes -

Facebook prices at $38; company worth $104 billion

The social-networking site raises some $16 billion for the company and early investors. Trading starts Friday morning and may be frenzied. But questions remain. Founder Mark Zuckerberg's stake is worth about $19 billion.
Facebook, the social-networking site that lets some 500 million people trade messages, pictures and videos every day, raised $16 billion for its original stockholders and investors when 421.2 million shares were priced at $38 a share late Thursday. The price makes this the largest Internet IPO ever. It values the company at $104.1 billion, making Facebook the 40th most valuable company in the world, ahead of (AMZN -2.54%) and Qualcomm (QCOM -3.30%) but just behind PepsiCo (PEP +0.03%). It makes founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg worth some $19.1 billion on the basis of his Facebook holdings alone -- at just 28. The pricing -- which is what Facebook and selling shareholders will get for their shares -- comes as the U.S. stock slumped in late-day trading. The Dow Jones industrials ($INDU -1.24%) fell 156 points The pricing is the last step before the stock can be traded on U.S. financial markets. Trading in Facebook shares is expected to start at 11 a.m. ET Friday on the Nasdaq system with the ticker FB. What could not be known with certainty late today was where the stock would open, much less where it would close. But look for a lot of volatility. Investor interest in the stock is enormous. Many brokerages marketing shares stopped taking orders on Wednesday. Road shows -- the presentations the company put on around the country to explain the stock to potential investors -- were packed affairs.

Chuck Brown dies: King of D.C. go-go music

When the funk music known as "go-go" comes up in casual conversation — and that's not nearly often enough — it's inevitably accompanied by the mention of one man's name: Chuck Brown. The Washington, D.C. funk band leader and composer, whose biggest hit was the 1978 song "Bustin' Loose," died Wednesday at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore at age 75. He was the king of an East Coast subgenre that rose alongside New York funk and hip-hop in the 1970s and '80s. Featuring remarkable Afro-Cuban polyrhythms via pounding congas and rototoms, punctuated bursts of brass and Brown shouting out call-and-response phrases alongside grooves that extended many songs to over eight minutes long — and, more importantly, almost two or three times that in a live setting — Brown's music was for partying. Though it flirted with mainstream success in the '80s, the music has remained a regional phenomenon, a uniquely American strain of dance music. But that doesn't mean its influence hasn't spread. The rhythms he built were some of the earliest tracks sampled by electronic dance music producers, especially when rave culture was being born in England. Coldcut's influential 1987 jam "Say Kids What Time Is It?" is built on the back of a Chuck Brown rhythm from "Bustin' Loose" — as is the Farm's breakout rave-pop anthem "All Together Now" from 1990. In hip-hop, Eric B. & Rakim's classic "Paid in Full" album adapted two Brown songs, and most prominently, Virginia producers the Neptunes used Brown's "We Need Some Money" on Nelly's smash "Hot in Herre." Fans of Brown spoke volumes about his work in the live setting; I never saw him, so I feel at a great disadvantage when addressing his version of go-go music, because as dance music, it was built to be experienced live, to move a crowd. In her wonderful essay over at the Root, writer Natalie Hopkinson suggests that this allegiance to the live experience is what separated it from the music of hip-hop — and perhaps what doomed it in the pop marketplace. "It stayed true to time-honored cultural scripts such as live call-and-response, live instrumentation, as well as its locally rooted fashions, slang, dance, distribution and economic systems," she writes. "Simply put: Go-go never sold out. There is a grit and texture to the music — sometimes derided as 'pots and pans' — that gives voice to the communities where it was created and from which profits are taken." If you've never heard Brown's music, a story relayed in Jeff Chang's history of hip-hop, "Can't Stop, Won't Stop," captures the essence of Brown's go-go sounds. He quotes Brown producer Reo Edwards, describing the message of the music: "I was talking to a go-go songwriter one time," Edwards told Chang. "I said, 'Man, you need a verse here.' The guy said, 'The rototom's talking! Hear the rototom?' Swear to God, he said the rototom was telling the story. 'Can't put no verse there, the rototom telling the story.'"


Poltergeists - Attikus (Official Music Video)

Donna Summer, The Queen Of Disco Dead At The Age Of 63

Via New York Daily News The Queen of Disco is dead. Donna Summer died Thursday morning after succumbing to a long battle with cancer, reported. She was 63. Born in Boston on New Year's Eve 1948, Summers came to define the sound of late '70s and early '80s radio with hits including "Last Dance", "Bad Girls" and "She Works Hard for The Money". The five-time Grammy winner leaves behind a husband, songwriter Bruce Charles Sudano, and three daughers, Mimi, Brooklyn and Amanda Grace. Sources told TMZ that the singer was trying to complete an album at the time of her death.


CivilTV: French Montana Talks Working with The-Weeknd & Travis Parker on...

Nipsey Hussle | Up Close Documentary: Europe 2012

Mysonne "Real Forever"

Prodigy - Great Spitters ft. Corey Gunz

Jim Jones, Sen City & Trav Go "On Da Spot" (Freestyle) For Invasion Radio

French Montana Club Paradise Vlog (Denver)

Lil Kim Breaks Down How Her Beef With Nicki Minaj Started & Says She Has No Idea Who Azealia Banks Is

New Details On 50 Cent's Illness Emerge

"50 Cent said he had traveled to London on business over the weekend for a soccer event. While there he had a meal shortly before heading to the airport. On the way to the airport he fell ill and couldn't keep his food down. However, needing to be back in NYC to complete some tape he continued to his flt. On the plane he ate a meal without incident. After landing at JFK he headed straight to his office, stopping along the way to grab a bite which after eating made him ill again. After being unable to hold his food down he decided to spend the night in the city versus heading to his mansion in CT (the one that was once owned by Mike Tyson she goes on to say) She goes on to say "the following morning 50 went to see his doctor where his temperature and blood pressure were checked, both of which were normal." still according to her "He left the doctor's office and went straight to his office to do an interview DJ Drama and DJ Enuff for his mixtape" (she's referring to the Gangsta Grillz one - dropping this Tuesday). "At that point 50 fell ill once again. He felt light headed, started sweating and having abdominal cramps due to dehydration I guess and not having any food left in his stomach. His staff was growing increasingly concerned (he has NEVER been sick) as he left the office. On his way home he knew something was wrong and immediately went to the hospital where we gave him morphine for the pain. He was given a dye to drink and went through a cat scan which revealed he had a blockage in his small intestine." "At that point 50 was given the option of having a tube placed down his nose into his stomach to relieve the blockage or have surgery. After four unsuccessful attempts to remove the blockage with the tube doctors decided that method was not going to work. As of now he is being observed to see if anything changes, if not he will have to undergo surgery."

Meek Mill Talks New Album and Chaging His Look With Bossip

Casey Veggies : Euphoria lll Recording Session : Truth Studios TV

T.I. Speaks on Gay Marriage, Meek Mil, and is Tiny Pregnant Again?!!?

Mr. Bangladesh Breaks Down The Many Ways Producers Get Paid

CARELESS WORLD TV S2 E6 (Europe wk 2, well done 3 new song)

RITA ORA - UK Tour Diary Part 3 (VEVO LIFT UK)

40 Glocc - Heart-less

50 Cent ft Kidd Kidd - N****s Be Schemin (Official Music Video)

Nicki Minaj - Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

Reek Da Villian - Letter To My Son Freestyle

LIL Chuckee "Riot Remix" A IAMHAYM & Big Man Vision

Travis Porter #FromDay1 Vlog - Before The Show


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