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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Scott Storch Sued For Being Too High To Produce Records

Scott Storch, the one time hottest producer in Hip-Hop, has fallen off considerably thanks to an alleged drug problem. Now the former Roots affiliate is being sued by an artist who claims he failed to deliver music he promised to produce for her album.

TMZ reports that Treena Ruberg paid Storch $45,000 (with $30,ooo paid in advance) to prouduce six tracks for the would be singer back in October 2011 (this is where we mention Storch was popped for concealing a bag of that white in Vegas just this February). Considering that Storch has produced records for the likes of Dr. Dre, Fat Joe and Beyonce, to name a few, Ruberg was getting a bargain.

However, in a lawsuit Ruberg filed in L.A. County Superior Court, she claims Storch was unable to deliver the music as planned thanks to his ongoing drug habit. Now Ruberg wants her $30K back along with $70K more for wasted studio time, plane tickets and other super producer incidentals she came out of pocket for.

Rick Ross Interview (Opening for Jay-Z in 06, MMG, Rich Forever, Quittin...

Tyler Perry Becomes A Victim Of Racial Profiling, Say It Should Be A Hate Crime

Tyler Perry has made a career out of trivializing racial stereotypes, but apparently he doesn't like a taste of his own medicine. The entertainment mogul, and rumored network owner, was questioned by Atlanta police for making an illegal turn, and alleges to have been racially profiled.

Perry made the turn to shake potential stalkers, but when the cops got hold of him, he claims to have been harassed, because of his skin color. In an entry on his Facebook page, Perry explained that the whole incident occurred as he was leaving his massive Atlanta studio. "A few days before President Obama was supposed to speak at my studio, I was leaving the studio, headed to the airport," he wrote. "Most times when I leave the studio I have an unmarked escort. Other times I constantly check in my rearview mirror to be sure that I'm not being followed. It's a safety precaution that my security team taught me. As I got to an intersection, I made a left turn from the right lane... and was pulled over by two police officers."

Perry immediately pulled over, put his vehicle in park, and waited for the officers to approach. He informed them that he made the illegal turn to make sure he wasn't being following, to which the officer replied "Why do you think someone would be following you?'” Before he could respond, a second officer started banging on the passenger window of his car, demanding that he roll it down and put his foot on the break. Given the hostile response, (especially since he noted that the car was already in park), the 42-year-old concluded that the incident was racially driven.

A third officer—who just happened to be a Black man—pulled up as Perry was stepping outside of his car and took his associates out of earshot. He likely explained the Madea star's status, because the officers became "apologetic." Even though he was let go, Perry used the event to comment on racial injustices in this country, citing the killing of Trayvon Martin, and the disappearances of fellow Floridians, Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos—who were put in the backseat of a squad car eight years ago, and never seen again—as examples. "Although we have made significant strides with racial profiling in this country, the world needs to know that we are still being racially profiled, and until this situation has improved greatly, I'm not sure how a murder in Florida can be protected by a 'stand your ground law.'"

He ended his post with a call to action."RACIAL PROFILING SHOULD BE A HATE CRIME INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!!,"

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