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Friday, February 17, 2012

Robin Thicke Arrested For Weed Possession

Robin Thicke was in the moment in New York City today when he light up a blunt to calm his nerves. Shortly after the city’s finest came tapping on his window..

Thick has been arrested for marijuana possession in New York City … this according to law enforcement.

According to law enforcement, 34-year-old Thicke was busted this afternoon inManhattan near Madison Square Park — after police claim they saw the singer lighting up a joint inside a black vehicle.

Robin was extremely cooperative – and even signed a couple autographs.

Thicke was given a desk appearance ticket and released soon after.

Model Student: Tyra Banks to Graduate from Harvard Business School!

Tyra Banks has always been fierce, but soon the model-TV personality-producer-author-entrepreneur can add another line to her résumé: Harvard Business School graduate.

On Valentine's Day, Banks sat down for a 90-minute conversation with Harvard Business School's associate dean, Youngme Moon. During her candid, 90-minute chat, as excerpted by The Harbus, the school's independent newspaper, the media mogul explained why she enrolled in the school's Owner/President Management Program.

"There's a difference between a career and a business," she explained. "I'm not looking to build a company based on fans." Rather, she hopes to run a strategic operation that promotes her beliefs and simultaneously turns out a profit.

She admitted that in her working life, she's not as tough as she appears to be on America's Next Top Model. "[I] would love to have her in the boardroom," she says of the character she's created for the reality show. "I wish I was hard...I have armor, but a strategic knife can still get in those creases."

Looks like Banks is tough enough for the Ivy League

And as the 38-year-old nears completion of her HBS education, she's learned that success is "not about being the biggest, but being the best."

"Don't chase the money, even if you want to be a banker," she advised business up-and-comers. "Chase the passion. Chase the dream."

Now that's what we call a good financial model.

Read more:

Concert Promoters Kidnapped In Africa Due To Nas No-Show Finally Set Free

The concert promoters who found themselves kidnapped and stuck in Angola after Nas failed to show up for a concert have been finally let go, reports TMZ.

Patrick Allocco and his son (his namesake) were involuntarily kicking it in Angola for almost two months before they were released today. "An order was entered today by Angolan authorities lifting the travel ban which prevented [Patrick] and his son from leaving the country for 49 days after [Nas] failed to show for a New Year's Eve concert," said Allocco's rap in a statement.

The Alloccos were escorted by US Embassy officials to the airport, where they caught a flight to Lisbon. The Jersey natives are expected to arrive in Newark Airport on Satursday (February 18).

"We are relieved that this nightmare is over and are looking forward to coming home to our family and friends who have supported us with their prayers and optimism during this ordeal," added Allocco's rep.

As for Nas, he paid back the money he was advanced weeks ago. However, Esco has plenty of problems stateside since he owes the IRS over $6 million in taxes

Styles P "Ghost Shit!" Instudio Performance


Black Cobain Official Shot Caller Freestyle



Big Sean Talks "MTV's Hottest Mc's" w/ The L.A. Leakers


2122163728 by YardieGoals

Lil Jon ft. LMFAO - "Drink"

Fox Host Tells Black Congresswoman To “Step Away From The Crack Pipe

Dame Dash Takes DD172 To Asia

Once the money counting sidekick of Jay-Z and co-founder of the Roc-A-Fella legacy, Damon Dash has made a 172-degree switch in careers. Three years ago Dash started DD172, an organization comprised of every artistic angle feasible, yet residing on a semi-musical foundation. The company came complete with a Dash Gallery, where artists, photographers, musicians, and everything in between could showcase their work and thus further Dash's migration from the streets to the museums. Now all of that is flying to Hong Kong.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Dash will be working with Chong Kwong-yan aka Asian rapper MC Yan, along with American turned Asian resident Shelly Pecot, who was Dash's neighbor in New York City. Shelly was the ultimate catalyst for the Asian Invasion, as Dash suggested she scope out the music scene in Hong Kong for opportunities and set up shows. Once Dash flew over to Hong Kong, he fell in love. Likewise, he brought primarily Asia-touring artists to the U.S. “The point of these shows – these collaborations – is to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern music,” Dame told WSJ. “Music can break any barrier, be it cultural or language.”

The next step obviously includes starting an Asian chapter of the Dash Gallery, which Pecot and MC Yan are working on. Due to stringent rules of bidding on space, that process is the hardest. However, taking cues from New York City's sudden fascination with pop-up stores, the two will continue that trend over in Asia as well.

While Damon Dash isn't the first to fuse American Hip-Hop with Asian aesthetics (read: Kanye West and Murakami), he is making great strides by re-building an entire movement there.

Featured Clothing Line

Fashion Misfit

Fashion Misfit was started in 2009 in Paterson, New Jersey by Ernae Free as a t-shirt company and a dream.

It was the focus of creator Ernae Free to add something new to the t-shirt industry that she loved. Fashion Misfit is about “Going Against The Grain” and doing the unexpected. Exploring ones individuality and being a cross between a rebel and a misfit.

Fashion Misfit has now evolved and in 2011 she started producing men’s sports jackets. With this new addition a new name emerged for a sister line called  “Misfit Couture”. Misfit Couture is the “Remix Of Fashion”. It’s about turning something from dull and ordinary to excitingand new. Misfit Couture is about combining the worlds of masculine and feminine and making the boundaries disappear and making it just about fashion.

Fashion Misfit/Misfit Couture is Ernae’s prime focus. She has plans outside of the menswear and hopes to extend her fashion to a kids clothing line. For now she will be opening her online store and re-releasing a new and improved website. Fashion Misfit will also have new t-shirt designs for 2012 and Misfit Couture will keep on its path to bringing new and exciting garments.

Contact Fashion Misfit Here:
Twitter: @fashionmisfit

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