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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gunman Opens Fire In Hospital, Wounding Three

Just a day after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left 20 children and 6 adults dead, another gunman has struck again in an Alabama hospital this morning.
A police officer has shot an killed the unnamed suspect accused of wounding another cop and two employees of the St. VIncent hospital in Birmingham.
The AL reports:
According to the police, the gunman opened fire near elevators on the fifth floor of the hospital. The gunman shot two hospital employees and a police officer. A second police officer, not the one who was injured, killed the gunman.
"We believe this was a totally isolated incident. We don't believe there was anyone else involved with this shooter at this time," Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams said.
The Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Birmingham Police Department will be conducting investigations of the incident and a news conference on the shooting is set to begin on the St. Vincent's campus shortly.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham released a statement regarding its security at that hospital:
UAB Hospital does everything it can to keep its patients, visitors and employees safe, including 24-hour security at all entrances to the emergency department and throughout the area provided by UAB's accredited and armed police department, and having all persons entering the emergency department through the walk-in entrance pass through a metal detector. The safety of our patients, visitors and our staff is very important to us; therefore, UAB Hospital and the UAB Police Department are constantly studying and revising safety and security plans and procedures.Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the families of those involved in Saturday morning's incident at St. Vincent's Birmingham and to all of our colleagues there as they deal with this tragedy.

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