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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dallas Police Officer Placed On Leave For Being An Aspiring Rapper

Music moguls have worked several different jobs on the road to stardom, and Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith hopes to be no different.
The cop doubles as a rapper and label head who runs Big Rush In Global Media. She has been placed on leave over her aspiring rap career, and content posted on her website,
Under the moniker, Lucille Baller, Smith released a rap track that got her in trouble due to its lyrics. “Don't push Ms. Lucy, because you won't like the consequences,” she warns on the track. “Mess with me or I will shoot a [expletive], cuz Lucille Baller, she been to hell and back.”
Rocking a wig, and a tight-fitting ensemble, Smith's alter ego is a far cry from how she looks in her uniform.
According to the department, Smith—who is the widow of a police officer killed while on duty—may be in violation of their code of conduct. In addition to the song, her website is being reviewed to see if it breaks rules barring officers from participating in any activity that will depict the department in a disrespectful manner.
In a separate video, Smith showcases her shooting skills. “I got miss Lucy right here,” she's explains, gun in hand. “Miss Lucy aint' loaded.” Smith also threatens to shoot anyone who “tries to take advantage” of her.
She goes on to criticize the department over how she's been treated since her husband's death. “I have been alone in my struggle as far support from the department,” she says.
Smith's label is a tribute to her late husband, and earns its title from his nickname “Big Rush.”

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