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Monday, October 15, 2012

Scott Storch Wanted By Cops For Failing To Pay Almost $30K In Child Support

Scott Storch is a wanted man; just not for his beats. A Florida court has issued a warrant for the chronically troubled producer's arrest because he neglected to pay almost $30,000 in child support.

TMZ reports that the warrant was issued after Storch, producer of such hits like Terror Squad's "Lean Back" and Beyoncé "Naughty Girl," failed to show up for a scheduled court date and explain why he didn't pay his child support. Storch can avoid landing in the bing if he makes good on the reportedly $28,300 he owes his baby mama.
Storch's struggle is a multi-state affair, though. Back in California, the Beverly Hills Hotel alleges that last week Storch checked out without paying his $4000 bill. In February of this year, Storch was arrested for coke charges in Las Vegas. Also, in April an artist sued Storch for failing to deliver her the beats that he promised and that she paid for.

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