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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scott Storch Settles Child Support Debt, Avoids Arrest

Scott Storch won't be going to jail, because he's settled his child support debt.

Police in Florida were looking to arrest the producer on site for skipping out on the bill, if he didn't cough up the money, since he also missed his court date.

Although he didn't cover it all, Storch paid $20,000 of the $28,300 that he owed to his child's mother, reports TMZ. The judge lifted the arrest order, and he was given a six-month extension to pay his ex, Vanessa Bellido, the remaining $8,300.

Unfortunately, the bill to his baby's mother is only one of two money issues that popped up in the same week. He is also wanted by the Beverly Hill Hotel for allegedly not paying the well-known establishment $4,000 for a previous stay.

Since pretty much dropping off the music scene, Storch has been plagued by a crippling drug addiction, that ate up the brunt of his fortune and led to several issues with the law. Earlier in the year he was arrested on drug charges for trying to conceal a bag of powder in the trash at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Further inspection by police revealed that the 38-year-old was trying to cover up 2.7 grams of coke.

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