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Monday, October 15, 2012

Jesse Jackson Jr. Facing Federal Financial Probe Over "Suspicious Activity"

Jesse Jackson Jr. may be out of treatment, but trouble still seems to be following him. The congressman is the subject of a federal probe over "suspicious activity," regarding his finances.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Jackson's finances are being looked at by the FBI in regards to his House seat, and potentially inappropriate activity with Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who went to jail for trying to sell the open spot after it was vacated by President Obama.While the probe became active one month before the 47-year-old took a leave of absence, sources just revealed the reasoning behind the inquiry. Upon his abrupt departure from his position, speculation arose that Jackson was in hiding stemming from the scrutiny surrounding Blagojevich, or that he was receiving treatment for alcohol addiction. It later came out that he suffered from bipolar disorder.

After finishing up treatment at the Mayo Clinic, Jackson put his house on the market to cover his outstanding hospital bills.

In regards to the probe, Frank Watkins, a spokesperson for Jackson denied having any knowledge of the ongoing investigation. Watkins also admitted to having "very little" contact with his client in recent months, while his lawyer, Paul Langer, offered a "no comment" response to the allegations.

According to his wife, the congressman may not return to his post until after the November election. "I can't speak to when that's going to happen or how that's going to happen," said, Ald. Sandi Jackson. "I can only say that I will continue to rely on [doctors'] expertise. I would only ask for patience."


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