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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Featured Artist

Candis “SheIsHipHop” White

First String TV sits down with Brooklyn native
Candis “SheIsHipHop” White. Candis is making her mark in the game, she was recently nominated for the "Most Original Female Artist" for the Underground Music Awards and is now promoting her latest mixtape @SheIsHipHop.

FSTV: What would you say is the driving force behind your music?
Candis: My life. Everything I go through and see around me ultimately becomes a topic for me to speak on.

FSTV: Tell us what makes Candis White Hip Hop?
Candis: I'm a product of it. To me hip hop is a combination of music, lyrics, swag, and live performance. I feel that I give all of the above to my audience.

FSTV: Who would you say is your biggest influence?
Candis: Jay-Z for sure. Some say you can hear it in my music.

FSTV: What steps are you taking to build your fan base?
Candis: Staying active on social networks. Being consistent in terms of putting out product. And building with and staying connected to my supporters.

FSTV: What are some of the projects are you working on now?
Candis: I'm currently working on my E.P. "Soundtrack of my Life". There's no official date as of yet but a few of the tracks are currently playing on internet radio.

FSTV: What would you say has been your biggest road block in the game so far?
Candis: Getting people to listen. Everyone is a rapper these days so it's tough getting a fan.

FSTV: Why should people pay to see you perform?
Candis: I put on a show. I bring energy to every performance, sometimes bringing on my own DJ and dancers.

FSTV: What is the biggest misconception of you?
Candis: That I'm passive. Anybody who has worked with me knows that's far from true. I'm actually very aggressive when it comes to my craft.

FSTV: If people heard your music in the street, how would they describe it?
Candis: Real. Heartfelt. Refreshing. Hip Hop.

FSTV: Tell us what we can expect from you in the near future.
Candis: New videos. New music. New business ventures. Make sure you bookmark my website to stay connected and up to date with everything I'm doing.

FSTV: What makes you a "First String" Artist?
Candis: My grind, my work, and my consistency.

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