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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chicago Woman Bites Off Boyfriend's Finger During Domestic Attack

A domestic assault turned semi-cannibalistic when a Chicago woman bit off her boyfriend's finger during a fight Friday (Oct. 26). The unidentified woman was being choked by her boyfriend, 37-year-old, Jerry Stevenson, and took drastic measures to get away from him.

Leading up to the argument that turned physical, Stevenson went to his girlfriend's house with a shotgun, threatening to kill her and her twin children. When she tried to run away, Stevenson reached out to strangle her, at which he put his finger in her mouth. According to prosecutors, once he placed his fingers in her mouth, she bit down hard and severed the limb.

Stevenson was transported to St. Anthony's Hospital, and doctors were able to re-attach his finger. He has been charged with one count of domestic battery, plus two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault.

A known gang member in the area, and a registered s-x offender, Stevenson appeared in Cook County Bond Court Sunday (Oct .28), with a bandage covering his injured hand. He was ordered by Judge Maria Kuriakos-Cecil to be held on $250,000 bail.

His next court appearance in scheduled for Nov. 2.

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