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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chicago High School Student Gunned Down Leaving School


Chicago's "cruel summer" has come to an end, but now that it's fall, the homicides are still piling up. One of the latest victims of the incessant gun violence is Terrence Wright, a high school student who was shot and killed as he was leaving school, Friday (Oct. 19).

Wright was killed during a reported robbery attempt as he left Banner Academy South High School, on Friday afternoon. Police revealed that Wright was approached by five potential robbers at around 3:40 p.m. One of the suspects began to go through his book bag, at which point Wright attempted to fight back, and was shot. He was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center, located in nearby Oak Lawn, IL.

A senior at the school, Wright had been approached by five colleges.

His aunt, Kathy Jackson, said that Wright had faced bullying at his last school, because he was gay. He transferred to Banner to escape being picked on. "He had made a big turnaround from the old school to this one, and now this happened," she said. Banner is a private school for students who have dropped out, or are in fear of dropping out of school.

This latest shooting adds to the city's 400 plus homicides that have occurred since the beginning of the year, a number which is up 25 percent from 2011.

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