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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebs Share 2012 Holiday Plans

Too Funny: Bay Area Guy Goes In On Drake, Lil Wayne & Mr. Fab For "Motto"! "How Dare You"

Tattoo Artist Kevin Campbell Responds To Drake's Threat "Please Say That Drake Wants To F*ck Me Up. I Will Totally Fight Drake One On One"

Campbell, who has been battling Drake fans on Twitter, refuses to acknowledge Drake is a rapper. He continues to call him an r&b singer. Campbell says he's ready to scrap with Drizzy, as long as the fight is one on one.

"Please say that Drake actually wants to f*ck me up. I will totally fight Drake. One on one. Tell him to name a time and place," Campbell wrote on Twitter. "Can anybody confirm that this Drake guy actually wants to fight? Too funny! A dude who probably wipes his a** with 100$ bills actually cares about me calling him an R&B goofnugget is hilarious. I didn't know who he was before I did the tattoo...Don't see why he cares that I said he was soft as baby sh*t. Really though. This Drake sh*t is the funniest sh*t ever. Getting called out by a famous R&B dude wasn't on my bucket list, but I'm stoked."

BBTV’s Beauty Of The Week: Alexis Ford Shows Off Her Body, Talks About Her Biggiest Turn-Ons, Who Her Favorite Rapper Is & More "Just Because I'm Wh*re, Doesn't Mean I'm A Sl*t"

Slim Thug - Can't Stop Ft. Curren$y & Dre Day [2012 Official Music Video]

Odd Christmas 2011 Ft. Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Plies, Officer Ricky, Beyonce, J.Cole, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Kreayshawn, Lil B, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna [Spoof Video]


Sean Kingston: Back 2 Life Chapter 3 *Swagg Edition*

Sean Kingston: #Back2Life Chapter 3 *Swagg Edition* from MistaHindz on Vimeo.

Twanée- Santa Baby (Merry Christmas Everyone!!)

Extraordinary - Suicide Ru | Dir. Mr. Bassemedia

50 Cent - "They Burn Me" [Video Teaser]

Roscoe Dash - I Do (Official Video)

Lamar Odom Crying On Stephen A Smith show

Behind The Scenes: Valeria Orsini – IMFmag Photoshoot

IMF x Valeria Orsini from IMFmag on Vimeo.


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