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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Young Jeezy Intro His Documentary

Jay-Z Subject of Georgetown University Course

Fiend - "Time, What You Bought" Music Video

TI & Tiny "A Family Hustle" Screening

Guess what Kelly Rowland's doing for Christmas 2011?

Young Jeezy "A Hustlerz Ambition" Trailer 2 Of 5

Red Cafe Talks Past Label Drama, His Relationship w/ Diddy, Internet

Lady of Rage's Top 3 Female MCs & State of Hip Hop


T-Pain's Real Voice (Sounds Like An Old Lady) (Comedy Skit)

"Jersey Shore" Star Teams Up With 50 Cent

RIP Patrice O'Neal - His Final Interview

Flava Flav Among Cast Set To Appear On 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

It's been a few years since the breakout hit ''Flava Of Love'' was on the air, but it seems Flava Flav is ready to get involved in a new reality project.

On Jan.3rd, ''Celebrity Wife Swap'' is set to hit the air and it will be featuring none other than the Public Enemy pioneer himself.

In the new series, the mothers in two celebrity families will switch homes to see how other star families raise their kids and cope with life in the spotlight.

The show will see the following people swapping with new spouses:

• Gary Busey and Ted Haggard

• Tracey Gold and Carnie Wilson

• Flavor Flav and Dee Snider

• Mick Foley (professional wrestler) and Antonio Sabato Jr.

• Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers

Each mom agrees to follow a manual written by the departing mother that sets out the rules of their new household – how they parent, manage their social life, do housework, unwind and more. In the second half of the week, everything changes as the new moms can introduce their own sets of rules.

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