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Monday, November 14, 2011

Steve Stoute Gives Advice For Black Techs On CNN Black In America 4 [Video]

Wiz Khalifa WK Today - Walk on

Young Jeezy vs DJ Whoo Kid - Exclusive!

Young Jeezy talks about beef with Rick Ross

Jay-Z Is One Of GQ's Men Of The Year 2011. Rapper Talks 'N*ggas In Paris,' His Dad Leaving When He Was 11 "He Was My Superhero"

Jay-Z is one of four people to be honored as GQ's Men of the Year 2011. Joining Hov are Mila Kunis, Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon.

Hov sat down with GQ writer Alex Pappademas and opened up about everything from his dad leaving when he was 11-years old, the decision to reveal Beyonce's pregnancy, the song "N*ggas In Paris" and more.

Did he and Kanye West argue a lot during the making of 'Watch the Throne'?

Only about what's best for the song, which is great.

On dealing with Kanye's need to be a perfectionist

I think he just can't help himself. He puts so much into everything, and he's like, 'You have to treat it like I treat it.' It drives you crazy sometimes—like when you've put seventy-five versions of a snare on one song and he's like, 'No!' and you're like, 'Come on, man.'

On the song "N*ggas In Paris"

It's not, like, 'We're here! We're balling harder than everybody,' It's like, 'I'm shocked that we're here.' Still being amazed, still not being jaded. Having so much fun and then stopping and saying, 'What are we doing here? How did we get here?'

On his father, Adnis Reeves

If your dad died before you were born, yeah, it hurts—but it's not like you had a connection with something that was real. Not to say it's any better—but to have that connection and then have it ripped away was, like, the worst. My dad was such a good dad that when he left, he left a huge scar. He was my superhero.

Juelz Santana Responds To Recent Arrest In New Jersey, Blames Cops "When They See Someone Like Me They Make It A Big Deal"

Juelz Santana is speaking out publicly about his recent arrest in New Jersey.

While details are still scarce, the rapper has gone on Twitter to vent about the arrest, blaming overzealous Bergen County, New Jersey police for the incident.

"A! How many mugshots they gonna take of me smfh!!! 46k bail," he wrote. "Police impounded my bently so I guess I gotta bring the rose out! f*** they thought that was my only car lol #Whooooaaaaaa My car was parked an they asked to search it. an I said no. so they locked me up an said will get a Judge search warrant smh wow. It's the NJ bergen county police they be bored "no action" smh so when they c someone like me they make it a big deal #godforgivethem."

Diamond - Buy It All (Official Video)

Tyrese's Message To Independent Women

Tyrese sits down with Necole Bitchie and give advice to women.

Ludacris Ft. Meek Mill - Say It To My Face (Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek)


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