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Thursday, November 3, 2011

DJ Enuff | The Funny Side of Biggie Smalls, Crazy Girls, & The Rise of Kanye West

Jadakiss Co-Signs Irv Gotti Def Jam Presidency

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Alicia Keys Donates Musical Instruments To Her Former School


Wiz Khalifa On Last Call With Carson Daly

Kanye West Dedicates Song To Amber Rose In Philly!

Wale Ambition Tour Interview & Photoshoot Video


Future Talks About Writing For Ludacris & Jim Jones at Pluto Meet & Greet

Sneak Peak Of Bad Girls Club Reunion Special

Method Man Interview With Montreality (Plus Performance Footage)

Fat Joe On Working With Popular Mainstream Artists

Willy Wonka Star Leonard Stone Dies

E! News has confirmed that Leonard Stone, the actor best known for playing Violet Beauregarde's father in the classic 1971 fantasy film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, died Wednesday. He was 87.

The cause of death was cancer, according to a statement from the actor's family.

.PlayNewest Bond Girl Is RevealedPlayHenry Cavill Gets Ripped for "Immortals"PlayJustin Bieber Finds His VoiceAs fans of the 1971 big-screen Roald Dahl adaptation will recall, Stone's character notably complained to Gene Wilder's crazy confectioner that he's "got a blueberry for a daughter" when Violet transformed into the giant fruit after trying Wonka's Three-Course-Dinner gum.

The actor got his start on the stage, having trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts before serving as the captain on a minesweeper during World War II. Following the war, Stone appeared on stage in South Pacific, Look Homeward, Angel and Bob Fosse's musical Redhead, for which he won a Tony for Best Supporting Actor in 1959.

Stone appeared on such '50s and '60s staples as The Donna Reed Show, The Jean Arthur Show, Rawhide and Perry Mason among others.

After Wonka, he landed parts in nearly every major prime-time hit of its day, from M*A*S*H and The Bob Newhart Show in the '70s to The Dukes of Hazzard , Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law in the '80s.

Stone's most recent credits include playing Warren Buffett in the 2005 TV movie See Arnold Run and lending his voice to the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The actor passed away surrounded by his wife, daughters and grandchildren.

"Somehow he managed to make each of his children and grandchildren feel that they were secretly his favorite," said granddaughter Frankie Solomon in a statement to E! News. "I think that's his greatest accomplishment."

Tyra Talks "Modelland" - HipHollywood

Tyra Banks talks about her new book Modelland.

Chelsea Lately: Justin Bieber

Chuck D. Files Class Action Lawsuit Against UMG Over Royalties

Public Enemy’s Chuck D. has filed a class action lawsuit against Universal music group.

Chuck D. filed the lawsuit in the US District Court in Northern California, yesterday (November 2).

The lawsuit claims that UMG has failed to provide a proper accounting for digital royalties, which Chuck D. claims is a “substantial amount of money.”

Chuck D. claims that UMG has failed to properly compensate him for the sales of digital downloads, as well as master ringtones.

The lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal actions filed against UMG group and other labels, since a groundbreaking ruling regarding digital royalty payments in September.

In that ruling, UMG lost a decision to FBT productions, which produced many of Eminem’s early recordings.

That ruling stated that FBT was entitled to a 50% royalty rate for a “Master License,” as opposed to their contractual rate, which called for 18% of every record sold.

The ruling was groundbreaking, because it was among the first decisions to address how royalty rates should be computed on emerging digital formats, versus traditional methods.

Other artists that have filed lawsuits since the ruling include Rob zombie and the estate of Rick James.

Actress Sentenced To 30 Days

Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail!

Future Speaks On Drake’s Absence From “Tony Montana” Video

Epic Records hosted a meet and greet Wednesday (Nov. 2) at Tenth Rail Restaurant & Bar in New York City for newly signed artist Future. Upon arrival, the charismatic 25 year-old Atlanta native performed his recent hit “Tony Montana” and then proceeded to take pictures and sign autographs for the many fans in attendance. spoke to Future briefly and obtained information on the video itself, which was shot on location in the Dominican Republic, and his thoughts on why the single’s guest, Drake, was absent from the “movie” he created.

“The reason he was not in the video is because I made a movie, it wasn’t just a video. He wanted to get in the video, but it takes time, there’s ways you can set up a video. Like shooting a movie you actually have to be there on the scenes, there’s certain looks you can’t fake,” Future told “You can’t get those same faces of the kids across the screen unless you’re filming in Santo Domingo. So sometimes when you’re making a movie, it’s different than making a video. He couldn’t make it cause it was a movie. You have to actually be there on set.”

He went on to praise the video’s director, Jessy Terrero, for his phenomenal work and shared his thoughts on a giving acting a shot.

“Yeah, it’s most definitely something that I want to get into,” he said. “Being in one of those movies, Jessy Terrero doing all the 50 Cent movies says a lot. For saying that he wanted to make a video for the new dude says a lot. He’s a vet in the game; it says a lot.”

Future also said the work ethic of re-emerging Southern artists like Big KRIT and 2 Chainz is stronger than some other artists, because they are “trying new things. Not saying, ‘this is Hip-Hop and we have to stick to this plan.’”

Continuing, he said, “You have to bend the rules, and break the rules a little bit, and make your own. Have to put your own twist to it because it’s you. When you add something to Hip-Hop, you add you and what you have to bring.”

Tyga Teases 'Good Singles' With Drake And Nicki Minaj

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Live At Wale's Ambition Tour In Nashville

Tech N9ne talks "The Noose", Contemplating Suicide, Soldiers, 9/11

Beyonce in another fabulous outfit

Trey Songz On 106 & Park

21111118483 by YardieGoals

What Does The Term "Underground MC" Mean Today?

The Money Team On 106 & Park (50 Cent: “I Think He’s (J. Cole) Good , I Think Jay Gonna Stand Next To Him Now”)

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Charlamagne Names Nick Cannon The Wackest Rapper


Wale's Album Signing at J&R

Raw Video: Protesters Shut Down Port in Oakland

Trey Songz Talks Joe Budden And Yaris Tweets On Funk Flex Show Video


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