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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shawty Lo -- Heavy Weight

Webbie Clarifies Statements About BET, Terrence J., Rocsi and Ban

Baton Rouge, Louisiana based rapper Webbie took time to clarify his recent rumored banning from BET, his relationship with Rocsi and his disagreement with Terrence J on a recent airing on 106 & Park.

Webbie called into WGCI’s 107.5, and spoke to Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot.

Webbie explained his stance on the episode, when fans were told by Terrence J that Webbie was banned from BET and that he would no longer be allowed to be on the show.

“It ain’t nothing against me and BET. BET, I love BET, I’ve been watching BET all my life. I am BET, BET is black entertainment, you know what I’m saying?” Webbie explained to the morning show.”That was some personal stuff, you know with Rocsi and Terrence you know, that’s his old lady I guess. Go look at the computer, look at the Vibe Magazine and that’s what happened.”

Webbie defended himself and clarified his relationship with Rocsi.

He also eluded to a recent photo of him and Rocsi that has been catching headlines recently.

“Look, look, look, that Vibe Magazine picture, that’s what happened. My album November 15. Savage Live 3,” he added. “I knew her before I made ‘Bad B***h’, ‘Gimme that P***y’ before I started making rap, I don’t know Terrence.”

“I didn’t never know her personally, I just know how we live and where we live and the picture just explains it all. I just say Terrence, get yo ho mane! Mane get yo ho mane, get yo ho mane, that yo ho, that ain’t got nothing to do with me and BET, this ain’t got nothing to do with the millions of kids that I say stay in school. I make sure to say stay in school.

Despite his ban and recent Twitter posts that said he was going to beat up Terrence J, Webbie sees this as a small issue and said he doesn’t wish any harm towards Terrence J.

“At the end of the day that’s small, get yo ho, get yo girl.”

Webbie plans to release Savage Life 3 on November 15th and is an adamant supporter of the labelmate Lil’ Boosie’s #FreeBoosie campaign to raise money for his legal fees and family while Lil’ Boosie is incarcerated.

Despite the fact that Lil’ Boosie is facing the death penalty, Webbie maintained that Boosie is” coming home soon.”

MC Hammer Lashes Out At Police Over Occupy Oakland Arrests

Oakland, California native MC Hammer has spoken out against the police’s treatment of protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland.

According to reports, a number of demonstrators and police were involved in skirmishes near Frank Ogala Plaza at City Hall, where police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Over 100 people were arrested during the clashes that took place throughout the day yesterday (October 25).

“The unabated abuse of the PEOPLE can never be tolerated!,” MC Hammer tweeted early this morning. “They were expressing systemic frustration and pain, peacefully. You knew this would happen. You cannot eliminate the middle class and expect quiet resolution.”

The police established their presence the previous evening on Tuesday, when officers raided the Occupy Oakland campground on Frank Ogala Plaza at City Hall, drawing criticism.

Oakland’s internal police chief Howard Jordan defended the tactics, which included the use of tear gas and beanbag rounds to disperse a crowd of about 1,000, some of whome claimed police actually used rubber bullets.

“We deployed it to effect an arrest because some officers were being pelted with rocks and bottles,” Oakland’s interim Police Chief Howard Jordan told local CBS Channel 5 in San Francisco.

According to legendary Hip-Hop journalist and longtime Oakland resident, Davey D. who was present, the protests remained calm in the face of the police, who donned riot gear.

“With all the tear gas canisters and I counted 6 rounds tonight, folks have remained relatively chill,” Davey D. tweeted.

Two officers suffered from minor injuries in the scuffles, including several who had allegedly been shot at with paintball guns and other items by the crowd, who had been in the plaza for almost two weeks.

Police officers were ordered to break up the gathering on Tuesday, when they stormed the area, to break up the Occupy Wall Street protests, which are rallying around the country, against economic injustice and corporate greed.

“The unification of the poor, the underserved and the middle class has begun,” Hammer tweeted. “The forgone conclusion is at hand.”

Jim Jones Gets Beat On With Metal Pole!


There seems to be more information on the Jim Jones fiasco with his ex-manager Yandy. It seems that the rumors of a violent confrontation between them was intertwined with an actual incident that happened. Jim recently told Miss Info that he was in Harlem and somebody tried – and failed – to rob him. He said he was alone, in fact. He says he beat up the first dude, but a second man jumped out and busted him with a damn metal pole! Jim said he was so “amped up” that he didn’t realize that he was being beat down. But, he admits, there was a third dude with a gun and he ran away. He admitted that he was slipping and that he shouldn’t have been out there solo with all his chains one. As far as Yandy and a possible connection, he said it wasn’t work connecting.

Rapper Big Sean Escapes Sexual Misconduct Charges; Pleads To Lesser Charge

Detroit, Michigan rapper Big Sean is celebrating a victory in court today (October 26), after sexual misconduct charges against him were dropped.

Big Sean appeared in Lewiston, New York Court room today, where he faced charges surrounding an August 2011 incident and why.

The 23-year-old rapper was arrested and taken into custody on charges of misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment.

Today in court, however the District Attorney decided not to pursue the sexual misconduct allegations and instead, allowed the rapper to plead guilty to lesser charges.

“I am pleased to announce that after further investigation, the Niagra County District Attorney decided not to pursue any of the sexual misconduct allegations against Mr. Anderson,” Big Sean’s attorney Scott Leemon Esq. told “As a result and in order to get the entire ordeal behind him, Mr. Anderson agreed to plead guilty to unlawful imprisonment, along with a $750 fine. Mr. Anderson regrets any miscommunication that day, but reiterates he didn’t engage in any type of misconduct.”

Big Sean is currently on his way to Louisiana, where he will close out his finally famous tour.

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Amy Winehouse Died Of Accidental Alcohol Poisoning

The singer, who had fought a very public battle with drug and alcohol problems for years, was found dead in bed at her London home on July 23 at age 27.

An initial autopsy proved inconclusive, although it found no traces of illegal drugs in her system or signs of injury.

Pathologist Suhail Baithun told the inquest into the singer's death that blood and urine samples indicated that Winehouse had consumed a "very large quantity of alcohol" prior to her death.

The level of alcohol in her blood was 416 milligrams per 100 millilitres, he said - a blood alcohol level of 0.4 per cent. Britain's drink-driving limit is 0.08 per cent.

Such levels of alcohol intake could have stopped her breathing and sent her into a coma, Baithun added.

Police Detective Inspector Les Newman, who was called after a security guard found Winehouse, said three empty vodka bottles - two large and one small - were found in her bedroom.

Winehouse's doctor, Dr Christina Romete, said the singer had resumed drinking in the days before her death. Prior to that, Winehouse had stayed away from drink for most of July, she said, although she had been swerving between abstinence and heavy alcohol use for a long time.

"She's made tremendous efforts over the years," Romete said, adding that alcohol became Winehouse's main problem after the singer gave up illicit drugs in 2008.

Romete, who saw Winehouse the night before she died, described the singer as "tipsy" but calm. She said Winehouse had not spoken of suicide, and had talked about her upcoming birthday.

Romete said Winehouse had been prescribed drugs including the sedative Librium to help her cope with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, but the coroner said these had played no role in her death.

The singer's parents attended the hearing, but did not speak to reporters. In a statement, Winehouse family spokesman Chris Goodman said it was a relief to the family "to finally find out what happened to Amy".

"The court heard that Amy was battling hard to conquer her problems with alcohol and it is a source of great pain to us that she could not win in time," he said.

Winehouse's breakthrough Back to Black album, released in 2006, was recently certified as the best-selling disc in Britain so far during the 21st century. The updated take on old-time soul also earned five Grammy Awards.

Although the singer was adored by fans worldwide for her unique voice and style, praise for her singing was often eclipsed by lurid headlines about her destructive relationships and erratic behaviour.

In June, the singer abruptly cancelled her European comeback tour after she swayed and slurred her way through barely recognisable songs in her first show in the Serbian capital, Belgrade. She was booed and jeered off stage and had to return to Britain to recover.

Her last public appearance came three days before her death, when she briefly joined her goddaughter, singer Dionne Bromfield, on stage at The Roundhouse in Camden, near her home.


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