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Monday, October 24, 2011

Debris from Japanese tsunami could hit US

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Exclusive: Flo Rida Issues Statement Over Australian Tour Incidents

Miami rapper Flo Rida has slammed recent reports about two incidents that occurred during his recent tour of Australia.

First, it was reported that Flo Rida pulled out of the Fat As Butter festival after throwing a “hissy fit” over his accommodations.

Then, it was reported that Flo Rida’s actual hotel room was raided when an associate was arrested on marijuana and minor weapons charges, just before another show at venue Jupiters in Townesville, Australia.

“I didn’t run to the media to discuss a business issue with my tour because I didn’t think that was the appropriate way to handle things,” Flo Rida cooly explained to “Now I’m forced to, because the things that are being said about me are not true.”

Flo Rida stated that contrary to published reports, there was no room provided for the world famous entertainer at The Four Seasons as reported, nor was there transportation to the venue.

He stated that he was late to the Fat As Butter Festival, despite his attempts to take multiple taxicabs in order to make his performance, since he was provided with none.

The rap star ended up missing his performance over the transportation issues, the responsibility of which he placed squarely on the shoulders of the promoters of the Fat As Butter festival.

As for the incident last night, Flo Rida also denied any involvement.

He stated that his room was never raided in the altercation, which resulted in the arrest of an associate, who was found with 16 grams of weed, scales, a joint and other paraphernalia, in addition to a stun gun.

“I am not a smoker and as a matter of fact, contrary to reports my room was never raided,” Flo Rida told in an exclusive statement.

The rapper said he has successfully executed tour dates around the world, with no problems, except for these two dates.

Flo Rida rounded out his Australian tour by performing at Jupiters, which hosted Townsville’s biggest pool party.

The Atlanta Housewives Are Back!

Backstage with Brooklyn Martino: Verse Simmonds

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Noreaga- Grimey @ Tribeca Grand Hotel, NYC

Kim Kardashian lands a role in Tyler Perry's 'Marriage Counselor'

Kardashian has landed a role in the new Tyler Perry film "The Marriage Counselor," which is based on his play of the same name.

"Big news!! I'm co-starring in Tyler Perry's new movie!" Kardashian tweeted over the weekend (on her 31st birthday, actually). "It's gonna be such a fun experience!" she added.

Well, maybe the reality-TV starlet has learned a thing or two about married life seeing that she's been hitched, for what, three months now? Her lavish wedding to Kris Humphries has been the talk of the tabs for months. Could that be what caught Perry's eye?

Kardashian will play Ava, a friend and coworker of the titular counselor (played by Jurnee Smollett of "The Defenders" and "Friday Night Lights"), whose marriage takes a turn when she gets bored dispensing good advice and decides to sleep with a suave client, according to Deadline. But not to worry, Ava is there to give the counselor a big-city makeover when her life is in the dumps. Big stretch for fashionista Kardashian, no?

Mrs. Kris Humphries last appeared on the big screen in the 2009 film "Deep in the Valley" and made her big-screen debut in 2008's "Disaster Movie."

Let's just hope the middle Kardashian's stab at acting is better than her older sister Kourtney's atrocious attempt on "One Life to Live." Shudder.

The Lionsgate film begins shooting in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Hip Hopular Opinion New York (Hosted by Juice The Comedian aka Ike Love...

C. Stone Feat. Slim Thug - Been Gettin Money

C.STONE FEAT. SLIM THUG BEEN GETTING MONEY from michael artis on Vimeo.

Machine Gun Kelly and Ron Browz on Shade 45

Lil Scrappy Addresses Stabbing Rumors!

Lil Scrappy Addresses Stabbing Rumors from DJ Smallz on Vimeo.

CyHi The Prynce Speaks On Finally Famous Tour, GOOD Music Album & Hints At A New Project

Studio Life: CyHi The Prynce speaks on Finally Famous Tour, GOOD Music Album & hints at a new project. from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

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2 Chainz Is Leading A 'Campaign' With 'T.R.U. REALigion'

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Kendrick Lamar Live At Gramercy Theater Video

Kendrick Lamar Live at Gramercy Theater from BarrelhouseBKLYN on Vimeo.

Ghetto - Terius Nash ft. Big Sean

Hillbilly Highway starring lil duval in theaters 4-20-2012

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2 Chainz Exclusive Interview With ShowTimeTv1

Police From Five Police Departments Called Over Meek Mill Show

Police from five different departments were called in to disburse a rowdy crowd that had gathered to see Meek Mill in Connecticut over the weekend.

Meek hit the stage at Club Lush, a venue that holds about 600 people in Danbury, Connecticut.

According to local reports, thousands of people came out to see the rapper, who was extremely late for his performance.

At least a dozen police cars from five different districts were called in to quell a number of disturbances that had broken out as a result of the rapper’s tardiness.

“There was a huge crowd there to hear a hot performer,” Mayor Mark Boughton told the Stamford Advocate. “From my understanding, he was really late. This was a very popular entertainer who belongs in a venue that can accommodate 2,000 or 3,000 people, not 600. Throw in alcohol and that age group…”

Several people were arrested, while two people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

In more positive news, Meek Mill hosted a coat drive in his hometown of Philadelphia over the weekend as well.

The rapper was at 24th and Diamond where he and several associates passed out coats to those in need, in preparation for the cold weather.

“Wen people do s**t for da hood dey wanna call the news for publicity. We just put in da work on da low,” Meek Mill tweeted today (October 23).

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