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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flo Rida Cancels Gig In Melbourne; Local Promoters React

Fans of Flo Rida were disappointed over the weekend, after the rapper canceled an appearance in Melbourne, Australiap.

The Miami rapper canceled an appearance at the Fat As Butter festival yesterday after a disagreement with the promoters.

According to reports, the rapper was not happy with his hotel, transportation and other accommodations, which were allegedly not up to his standards.

“Australian fans, I was looking forward to performing for you but due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to do so last night”

A local rep for the Fat As Butter festival had a different take on the dispute and claimed Flo Rida acted like a diva and was “not in a suitable condition to perform.”

“We paid Flo to appear months ago and since he’s been on his Australian tour, he’s been an absolute Tonk,” a promoter for the festival wrote on Facebook.

The rep said Flo Rida had a “hissy fit” in Sydney and refused to come to the performance in Melbourne.

“We did everything we absolutely could to get him here, but he wouldn’t come. We’re absolutely devastated he decided not to be a part of Fat As Butter.”

According to a statement released by the venue where Flo Rida was supposed to perform, he eventually made it to the club, three hours late.

Management at the club refused to let him perform because he was not “in a suitable position to perform.”

Fans were issued a full refund for the canceled performance.

The rapper is supposed to hit the stage at Jupiers Casino in Townsville tonight (October 23).

The Braxtons Host Private Dinner For Reality Show

Last night, the Braxtons hosted a private dinner celebrating the second season of their hit TV show, “Braxton Family Values.”
Last night, Tamar, Trina, Towanda, and Traci (Toni was in LA filming) screened the new season’s premiere episode at Frank Ski’s Restaurant in Atlanta.
The new season of “Braxton Family Values” premieres Thursday, November 10 ET on WE tv.

How Love Nightclub Messed Up Howard Homecoming

Howard University students and alumni paid $10 to $150 to see Young Jeezy last night, but the rapper never showed. Now that Jeezy is with new management, Kevin Liles to be exact, his team did not honor the contract that Jeezy signed with his previous management company. By 10 p.m., Jeezy was on a plane out of D.C. leaving some fans sad and a little pissed.

Still, that was only Friday night’s drama at Love Nightclub! The day before, on Thursday night, J. Cole was slated to perform inside the four-floor megaclub. Still, the club “lost power” and was unable to open it’s doors to fans, students and alumni. In fact, by 11 p.m., the management told the swarming line outside that the party had been moved to Ibiza Nightclub, which is 1.5 miles away, and not walking distance, especially in that sketchy part of town)

Source - DCFab

Hip-Hip Rumors: Is Maia Campbell Back On Drugs & Jail?


This girl is a freaking MESS. She is not going to get better, I guess and it would seem like she is about to do some serious time in the BING. LL Cool J, come save your former co-star!!!! There is a special place in hell for whoever messed this child up. Peep this from the Santa Monica Daily Press

Santa Monica officers were at the corner of Ocean and Bicknell avenues talking to a resident when they heard a vehicle coming toward them at a high rate of speed. As officers flagged down the vehicle it screeched to a stop past the limit line of a nearby stop sign. Officers approached the driver and asked to see her driver’s license at which time she said she did not have one. Officers noted that the driver appeared to be agitated and unable to follow instructions. Due to her symptoms, officers believed she was under the influence of a controlled substance. The driver was arrested and during a subsequent search officers located a glass cylinder that contained a white substance which tested positive for cocaine. The driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, driving under the influence, driving without a license, a probation violation and a warrant. She was identified as Maia Campbell, 33, of Los Angeles. Her bail was set as $36,000.

Hopefully, she gets back on track. She was clean for a while.

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