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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interscope Records Office Used To Pick Up Millions In Coke; Cash

The offices of Interscope Records were used to ship millions of dollars worth of cocaine and drug proceeds across the country it has been revealed in the ongoing case of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond.

According to, defense lawyers for James Rosemond received detailed shipping records showing that Interscope's Los Angeles office was used to pick up drugs and cash, stuffed in road cases used to ship musical equipment.

Prosecutors are trying to determine why and how Interscope's offices were used, although they are aware that Rosemond manages rapper Game, who is signed to Interscope.

Investigators claim that Rosemond used Rock It Cargo, to deliver kilos of cocaine from Los Angeles to New York, where the cocaine was distributed.

The proceeds were then packed in the music cases and sent back to music studios in Los Angeles.

According to the TSG, a number of Rosemond's former associates are cooperating and are explaining how the cash and cocaine shipped cross-country.

Investigators claim that Rosemond used his Czar Entertainment as a legitimate front, and then utilized Rock It drugs disguised as legitimate freight.

James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond is currently being held in Metropolitan Correctional Center without bail.

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Ice-T is one rapper than has never minced his words. But now, he tells VH1 that...most of these dudes are frauds. Here is an excerpt.

“That’s fake,” Ice-T blurts out. “Rick Ross stole a n****’s name. I call him ‘Identity Crisis.’ He thinks he’s [Freeway] Rick Ross, he thinks he’s Larry Hoover, he thinks he’s Big Meech, he thinks he’s MC Hammer, he thinks he’s Tupac. Like, who the f*ck are you really, dude?”

“When we rapped about dope— me, Snoop and everybody—it was like we doin’ it because we GOT to. Now these n***** is actin’ like it’s somethin’ that’s FUN. It’s so easy to fantasize about it. To actively do it? That’s a whole ‘nother f*ckin’ thing.

“Rap is pop right now. Q-Tip said, ‘Rap is not pop. If you call it that, then stop.’ Rap was a counterculture that went against pop. But when you have Rihanna singin’ on your records and you’re doin’ records with Katy Perry, that’s no longer rap. It’s pop music, pop using rap delivery. When you hear Lil Wayne sayin’ ‘I got a chopper in the car,’ you go, ‘Yeah, right you do.‘”

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