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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Soulja Boy Dis's the Army, a REAL Soldiers rebuttal-Stephen Hobbs

Numbers Don't Lie, But Now What Lil Wayne?!

Men lie, women lie, numbers don't.

Jay-Z said it and now he may or may not be wishing he hadn't.

It's official, despite the mediocrity of Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne still managed to break Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne iTunes record and is predicted to sell 850,000 copies in the first week.

So what does this mean for Jay-Z? And what will Lil Wayne do now that his numbers reign supreme?

As we all know, record sales aren't indicative of how good an artist is, but numbers do count in some aspect or another.

DJ Khaled Working On Drake, Ross & Weezy Album! -

The Homey C class freestyle ft dj sport money

The-Dream To Give Away 2nd Free Album Online

Less than a week after dropping a free album via the web for his fans, The-Dream already has his eyes set on releasing a second one.

"I Have another free Album that's untitled I may drop it free in October. Or After Love IV," he wrote on twitter.

The singer had previously said that his label home Def Jam, isn't exactly thrilled about him giving away free material.

"The business of a label is to make money -- my business is to make music," he told Billboard last month. "I'm gonna get paid if I do it right. So I'm fine with [releasing a free album]. It's more like advertisement for me."

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Young Jeezy Talks New Album

Petition Started To Ban Soulja Boy's Music From Military Bases.

The firestorm surrounding Soulja Boy's song "Let's Be Real" continues.

The 21-year old rapper angered many military veterans with the line "f*ck the army troops." One veteran initially called for an apology from Soulja. Now an online petition has been started to ban the artist's music and memorabilia from military bases.

"I am writing in reference to the rap artist Soulja Boy and his recent single "Let's Be Real." He has caused a great uproar in the military community with his lyrics from this song, which are listed above. Many Americans, civilians and military personnel, have requested that you please discontinue any and all of Soulja Boy's memorabilia," the petition reads. "In doing so, you would not only earn the respect of the American audience but you would also create a peace among all Americans today. Military personnel have become greatly offended with the previously mentioned song and removing said artist would ease a lot of the tension and violence that has been created. Please take careful consideration in the request of the American people as it can effect the future of the American people and generations to come. I send my greatest appreciation for your time in reading this letter and hope that our request could be fulfilled. Thank You and God Bless"

Former infantry sergeant Leo Dunson, told TMZ that Soulja's song is "the most ignorant thing I've heard in so long." Dunson released a diss track aimed at Soulja under the name Sgt. Dunson called "Change Your Name."

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy - Just For Laughs Film Festival


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