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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Kevin James is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist born and bread in the North Western city of Seattle Washington. The story of his life has been trying to fit in between the pull of the streets that his parents made every attempt to keep him out of, and the push of KNOWING that he was meant for greatness.
Through his younger years Kevin began to discover a talent about himself, the ability to deliver messages, and to do so unlike any other around him. Sooner or later someone would notice. He was proven right, people did begin to notice. From poetry contests to school yard battles, from school yard rap groups to demanding respect in the studio as a poet, and as a dominant lyrical force for that matter. Kevin James has taken the step into showing the World what he can do. Through out the discovery of who he is as an artist has topped charts on social networks for music like MYSPACE.COM/KHAOS206, by drawing in listeners by the thousands with songs of love, hate, passion, and money. Now he is looking for the next step in his journey to the top where fitting in is NOT required... As you have taken the time to read this for a reason, you are now apart of the very same movement.

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