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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain - Official Movie Trailer (HD)

Pimp C.'s Wife Responds To Rap-A-Lot Lawsuit Over Masters

Rap-A-Lot Records 2K filed the legal action against Chinara Butler on June 17th, claiming that she was withholding 10 master recordings of unreleased material by Pimp C. that the label contractually owns.

The lawsuit was filed after Chinara Butler sent Rap-A-Lot a cease and desist letter regarding the use of Pimp C.'s music, name and likeness for an upcoming album.

In an exclusive interview with, Chinara Butler broke her silence regarding the Rap-A-Lot lawsuit and the struggles she has experienced since Pimp C. died of sleep apnea and drug use, in December of 2007.

According to Chinara, she is not feeling the selection of music for an upcoming album tentatively titled Still Pimpin' featuring unreleased recordings by Pimp C.

"I want to make sure everyone understands that with those songs and my whole issue is that, I don’t feel like we should try to do something new with Chad’s music, if he didn’t do it," Chinara Butler explained to "To me its not right and clearly I’m not feeling it. Just like the songs, I’m not feeling a lot of the singles."

According to Chinara, lack of communication is one of the reasons the legal actions on both sides have started.

"I think its been about three years or so since we [Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince] had contact and we got together and we talked about what he wanted to do and what I wanted to do," Chinara Butler said.

The other reason is simple. Butler said she has not received any sort of payment for the upcoming Pimp C. project, which she is also supposed to be be executive producing.

"I’m being sued when you [Rap-A-Lot] are putting out a project and I haven’t even received any money or anything from? I will never amend anything," Chinara Butler told "This is about him [Pimp C.] and all I can do is make him proud and make sure no one tarnishes his legacy, and what he built his whole life…I just think its sad."

Chinara Butler was clear that her issues were strictly business, and had nothing to do with Pimp C.'s rap partner, legendary artist Bun B.

According to Chinara, she is teaming with Bun B.'s wife to host a breast-cancer awareness event later this year.

"Me and Bun’s wife are doing something for breast cancer in October and we have Chad’s event in December," Chinara Butler told "I just have to teach my kids that when times get hard you have to be positive and stand for what you believe in."

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