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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SPTV Live from Juices For Life Juice Bar (Feat. Jadakiss)

Kanye West's Music, Other Songs Labeled A Threat To China

Rapper Kanye West's music was among the songs officially banned from the Internet in China, the Ministry of Culture department has announced.

Kanye's hit song "E.T." with Katy Perry was officially banned from the Internet and even personal websites.

The song was one of 100 tracks banned due to their threat to Chinese culture, the Ministry of Culture said in an official statement.

Other artists that were banned include Lady Gaga, The Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears and others.

“Certain websites have been allowing users to play, listen to and download the listed songs,” the ministry said in a statement. “Such actions have disturbed the online music market order and endangered national cultural safety.”

The Chinese government began regulating music on the Internet two years ago.

This is the third time that they have issued a ban on music the ministry of Culture considers "tasteless and vulgar."

Goodman League vs. Melo League: Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lil Wayne is the Donkey of the Day 8.25.11

Kat Williams fight at Young Jeezy Concert Phoenix Az Aug 24, 2011

DMX To Sue Arizona Police For Harassment Over Latest Arrest

DMX plans on fighting back against Mesa, Arizona police over his latest arrest.

The 40-year old rapper was arrested yesterday in the Phoenix suburb after being pulled over for driving 102 miles per hour in a 60 zone. A subsequent check revealed X was driving on a suspended license.

He was arrested and charged with criminal speed, driving on a suspended and revoked license and reckless driving, before being released.

DMX now says he plans on suing the police department for harassment, even though he was speeding.

DMX plans on fighting back against Mesa, Arizona police over his latest arrest.

The 40-year old rapper was arrested yesterday in the Phoenix suburb after being pulled over for driving 102 miles per hour in a 60 zone. A subsequent check revealed X was driving on a suspended license.

He was arrested and charged with criminal speed, driving on a suspended and revoked license and reckless driving, before being released.

DMX now says he plans on suing the police department for harassment, even though he was speeding.

"I was going 85 miles per hour ... I know for a fact I didn't go more than 90," X told TMZ. "I'm used to driving fast, I'm a New Yorker ... but I constantly look at the speedometer when I'm driving ... I need to make sure I don't drive too fast. I plan on suing ... and I plan on suing for harassment. I'm in discussions with multiple lawyers who are not afraid to go against the system in helping me clear my name because I have been harassed."

Another Deadly Day In Mexico As Over 50 People Die When Gunmen Torch Casino

MONTERREY, Mexico — The death toll climbed as workers continued to pull bodies out of a burned casino in northern Mexico, where gunmen spread gasoline and ignited a fire that trapped and killed at least 53 gamblers and employees.

Family members gathered at the caution tape outside the Casino Royale after the Thursday afternoon fire in the northern industrial city of Monterrey, some crying and others yelling at police for providing no information. Later they were allowed to view bodies in the morgue to help identify the victims.

Francisco Tamayo, 28, of Monterrey, said he and family members looked at some 40 bodies in search of his mother, Sonia de la Pena, 47, who loved to gamble at the casino and was there on average four days a week. They had yet to find her.

When Tamayo learned of the fire from television, he first went to the scene.

"She's probably here," said Tamayo, who repeatedly called her cell phone, only to hear that it was out of the area of service.

Gov. Rodrigo Medina told the Televisa network late Thursday that the death toll had reached 53. The fire in a city that has seen a surge in drug cartel-related violence represented one of the deadliest attacks on an entertainment center in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug cartels in late 2006.

Calderon tweeted that the attack was "an abhorrent act of terror and barbarism" that requires "all of us to persevere in the fight against these unscrupulous criminal bands."

Attorney General Leon Adrian de la Garza said a drug cartel was apparently responsible for the attack, though he didn't name which one. Cartels often extort casinos and other businesses, threatening to attack them or burn them to the ground if they refuse to pay.

It was the second time in three months that the Casino Royale was targeted. Gunmen struck it and three other casinos on May 25, spraying the building with bullets, but no was reported injured in that attack.

The fire in the two-story casino, which advertised sports book and bingo, was reported just before 4 p.m. local time, a slow time of day when normally about 80 people played the tables and slots, said former security guard Alberto Martinez Alvarado, 30. Martinez, who on his way home from work Thursday when he saw the fire, said the casino could hold hundreds, perhaps 1,000 people.

"We're lucky we weren't there," he said. "Why couldn't the people who did this do some honest work instead?"

State police officials quoted survivors as saying armed men burst into the casino, apparently to rob it, and began dousing the premises with fuel from tanks they brought with them. The officials were not authorized to be quoted by name for security reasons. De la Garza said the liquid appeared to be gasoline.

With shouts and profanities, the attackers told the customers and employees to get out. But many terrified customers and employees fled further inside the building, where they died trapped amid the flames and thick smoke that soon billowed out of the building.

Monterrey Mayor Fernando Larrazabal said many of the bodies were found inside the casino's bathrooms, where employees and customers had locked themselves to escape the gunmen.

Authorities commandeered backhoes from a nearby construction site and made a brief attempt to break into the casino's walls as smoke billowed from the main entrance, hindering firefighters.

Maria Tomas Navarro, 42, stood weeping at the edge of the police tape stretched in front of the smoke-stained casino building. She was hoping for word of her brother, 25-year-old Genaro Navarro Vega, who had worked in the casino's bingo area.

Navarro said she tried calling her brother's cell phone. "But he doesn't answer. I don't know what is happening," she said. "There is nobody to ask."

Monterrey has seen bloody turf battles between the Zetas and Gulf cartels in recent months. Once Mexico's symbol of development and prosperity, the city is seeing this year's drug-related murders on a pace to double last year's and triple those of the year before.

Last month, gunmen killed 20 people at a bar in Monterrey. The attackers sprayed the bar with rounds from assault rifles, and police later found bags of drugs at the bar.

State police officials initially said witnesses reported hearing three explosions before Thursday's fire started, but later said a flammable material was used. The officials were not authorized to be quoted by name for security reasons.

The reports of explosions may have been the sound of the ignition of the liquid.

Norma Reyes, 45, was one of the people who received good news Thursday. Her son called her before she even heard about the fire to say he was all right. Jonathan Reyes, 25, who worked as an area supervisor, told his mother he was at the hospital trying to find out what happened to his co-workers.

"God took care of us today," she said. Source

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Planet Pit Exclusive: Pitbull speaks on Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Reebok Classics Presents: Raekwon

Chelsea Lately: Zoe Saldana

Stars Remember Aaliyah 2011 - HipHollywood

The Game Freestyle On Cosmic Kev Radio


Why You Cant Hate Luxury Rap or 'Watch The Throne'!

Lil Wayne - It's Good feat. Drake & Jadakiss (JAY-Z DISS)

RIP Aaliyah – 10 Years Without “One In a Million”

August 25, 2011 marks the day ten years ago to which the world was robbed of an angel. Beautiful in appearance, gentle in nature, humble in person and precocious in talent. The musical legacy left behind by this alluring songstress has undeniably changed the the direction of music in the last decade; with obvious shimmers of her persona easily found in modern songbird/super dancer, pop tart honies like Ciara and Keri Hilson

We speak, of course, about Aaliyah Dana Haughton; known to the people who loved her and to her millions of fans across the world simply as – Aaliyah.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

After several years of failing health and medical leaves of absence, Steve Jobs today announced, "I hereby resign as CEO of Apple."

"I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know," Jobs wrote in his letter of resignation "to the Apple board of directors and the Apple community." "Unfortunately, that day has come.

"I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee," Jobs added. "As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple."

In a separate release, Apple noted that Cook was, in fact, named CEO, Jobs was elected chairman of the board and Cook was added to the company's board.

"Steve's extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world's most innovative and valuable technology company," said Art Levinson, chairman of Genentech, on behalf of Apple's board. "Steve has made countless contributions to Apple's success, and he has attracted and inspired Apple's immensely creative employees and world class executive team. In his new role as chairman of the board, Steve will continue to serve Apple with his unique insights, creativity and inspiration."

Apple declined to comment on the current state of Jobs' health, or make any comment beyond the written statements.

On The 10th Anniversary Of Her Death Dame Dash Remembers Aaliyah

When Aaliyah died on August 25, 2001 in a plane crash in the Bahamas, she left behind grieving fans, family, and fiance Dame Dash.

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of her death Dame opened up to The Juice about his life with Aaliyah, and how devastating losing her was.

"She was intelligent and she caught me," Dash tells The Juice. "I'm the kind of guy who says things sometimes just to make myself laugh, but she would just catch me making jokes for me. I couldn't get anything past her. She had a very quick mind and a very kind heart."

At the time of her passing the 22-year old Aaliyah's acting and singing careers were skyrocketing. And Dame was still running Roc-A-Fella Records, so the couple spent a lot of time apart. But Dame says that when they were together everything was perfect.

"The energy we created together for people to observe was kind of crazy. We'd be in a room full of people talking to each other and it felt like everyone was listening but it would be just us. It would be like we were the only ones in the room," Dash says. "It was like something was going down in history every time I was with her. Every time I was around her I felt it was the place to be. Our time together meant so much that when we got more time, we felt like that [engagement] would be next. She was one of the best people I ever met. Even with the pain I felt, I would do it all over again."

Ashford And Simpson Leave Long Lasting Impression On Hip-Hop

While the nation mourns the loss of Nick Ashford – one half of the iconic singer-songwriter team Ashford and Simpson with wife Valerie –it is important to note that the duo has been responsible for some of R&B greatest hits, finding fame with their pens as part of Motown Records’ songwriting team in the mid-60s before venturing out on their own as artists. As Hip Hop music progressed from its funk and disco sound into the technological upswing of sampling, Ashford and Simpson’s work has been used as a backdrop for many Hip Hop hits. Below, RapFix takes a look at some of those tracks.
Legendary female rapper MC Lyte employed one of the earlier uses of Ashford and Simpson’s work by sampling the duo’s biggest hit “Solid” for her 1988 track “Lyte As A Rock” from her debut album of the same name. The Ashford and Simpson-penned Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell hit “You’re All I Need To Get By” formed the basis for a rugged Method Man cover of the song featuring R&B songstress Mary J. Blige in 1995.

Ashford and Simpson’s music was also used by the recently deceased Amy Winehouse as the duo’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” track written for Gaye and Terrell fueled the sound for Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own.” A quick Web search revealed that many other acts borrowed from the vast pool of music that Ashford and Simpson either recorded or were responsible for creating. Rapper DMX, R&B singer Tyrese, producer 9th Wonder and G-Unit chief 50 Cent have all used a part of the duo’s work in some capacity.

Nick Ashford had been battling throat cancer for some time, succumbing to disease at the age 69 in a New York hospital yesterday (August 22). He is survived by his wife Valerie Simpson and two daughters, Nicole and Asia.

Rest In Peace to Nick Ashford.

Reebok Classics Presents: Lauryn Hill

Game Seeing "RED" Says Working w/ Dre is "Hard"! -

Celebs React to East Coast Quake

Will and Jada Deny Marc Anthony Affair; Separation Rumors

Fans of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are breathing a sigh of relief, after the couple released a statement denying reports that they were separating.

Earlier today (August 23rd), InTouch Weekly cited sources that claimed the pair was separating after 13 years of marriage.

Just hours ago, the Smiths issued a statement denying the reports, after new rumors surfaced that the split was due to Jada having an affair with latin pop star Marc Anthony.

“Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false,” the Smiths said in a joint statement. “We are still together and our marriage is intact.”

Will Smith's oldest son Trey also denied the rumors on his Twitter account earlier this afternoon.

“Will and Jada getting a DIVORCE…not true at ALL!! Retreat,” Trey tweeted.

Jay-Z Told Game to Find a New Lane (Next 48 Hours With Game Teaser 1)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Affion Crockett & Chris Brown - 2 Kings Of Pop (In The Flow With skit) (...

Rapper Claims Lil Wayne's 'How to Love' Beat Stolen; Files Lawsuit

The legal actions against Young Money/Cash Money Records continue to pile up, as Lil Wayne is the subject of a new lawsuit.

The latest lawsuit was filed in LA County Superior Court earlier this week, by a rapper named Rich Rick.

According to Rich Rick, he originally purchased the track for “How to Love” from a production crew known as the Drummer Boyz., which obtained a copy of the lawsuit, reports that Rich Rick claims he purchased the beat from the Drumma Boyz between 2006 and 2009.

But in 2010, the lawsuit claims that the beat was resold to Lil Wayne for a 35% royalty agreement.

Lil Wayne used the track for “How to Love,” which is the third single from his upcoming album Tha Carter IV.

Rich Rick is suing Lil Wayne and the Drumma Boyz for royalties earned from the record, along with 10% interest.

Last week, Cash Money Records CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams was the subject of a lawsuit over a botched Las Vegas show, while Lil Wayne was hit with a $15,000,000 lawsuit at the beginning of the month, over the track "BedRock."

BET Pays Tribute To Aaliyah On the 10-year anniversary of her passing

On August 25, 2011, it will be ten years since the passing of one of R&B's brightest stars. BET will pay tribute to Aaliyah Dana Haughton with the one-hour special, "Aaliyah: One In A Million" airing onThursday, August 25 at 8PM. The show takes a look at the life and the short-lived career of Aaliyah with never before seen behind-the-scenes footage and intimate conversations with the family and friends that knew her best.

A number of people were interviewed for the special, including Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Ginuwine,who were friends of Aaliyah and worked closely with her, Damon Dash, her boyfriend at the time of her death, Swizz Beatz, Lala Anthony, and Patti LaBelle. The show tells the story of Aaliyah, an R&B singer/actress with a golden voice, memorable dance moves and a style all her own, from the beginning of her promising career until her untimely death.

“With Aaliyah: One In A Million, we celebrate her life, her music and what she meant to so many,” Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programming and Specials, said in a statement. “Aaliyah was a beautiful angel and we’re so glad that we were able to assemble her friends and loved ones for this unique show.”

Don't miss this one-hour special, "Aaliyah: One In A Million" on Thursday, August 25 at 8PM

Bushes (Bomb the Throne)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

50 Cent & His Sons Mom Go At It Over Back to School Shopping on thisis50...

Now Thats Ballin: Inside Donald Trump's New 757!

Tower Heist - Trailer Starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller

The Movie Drive (Trailer) In Theaters Sept 16th

Jesus shows up at Oprah's Legends Ball

Monica Gives Kim Kardashian Wedding Advice - HipHollywood

Teairra Mari Accused Of Being Drunk, Attacking Cop In Beverly Hills

Teairra Mari is in trouble with California police today after being accused of DUI and attacking a cop during a traffic stop.

TMZ is reporting that the 23-year old singer/actress was pulled over in Beverly Hills at 3 am this morning, when she rear ended the car in front of her.

A witness said Mari "could barely stand" and at some point she got into a confrontation with one of the cops, injuring his hand.

Mari has been charged with multiple offenses -- including DUI and assault on a police.

She is currently being held on 50K bail.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A First Look At The Braxton Family Values Season 2

Whatchu Know About That: Pastor Has A Praise Break With The Worst Balding Growth Ever!


Ashton Kutcher's stint as guest editor could get him in trouble with SEC, FTC

Before landing his "Two and a Half Men" gig, Ashton Kutcher the actor had taken a backseat to Ashton Kutcher the social media entrepreneur. That is one reason why Details snagged him to guest edit an online-only version of the magazine that it dubbed "The Social Issue."

In the issue, Kutcher champions a bevy of media companies but fails to point out that he is an investor in many of them. That is a clear conflict of interest, one that The New York Times' Nick Bilton looked into.

Bilton called the Federal Trade Commission and found out that this is grounds for an investigation. What's more, if any of the companies Kutcher promotes in the issue soon has a stock offering, the Securities and Exchange Commission could get involved, as well.

Needless to say, this is one of the problems when you give a celebrity turned investor control over editorial content in a magazine issue about business, but this could have been avoided if Kutcher just disclosed the information.

It might also get ignored faster if either Kutcher or Details admits any wrongdoing, but, surprisingly, Details editor Dan Peres defended the lack of disclosure. He said the following in a statement:

"If you read Ashton's editors letter, you'll see he succeeded in his mission to get people to talk about and even criticize this social issue. I stand by how we communicated Ashton's involvement with some of the companies included in our coverage and remain extremely proud of the work we did on this project."

He and Kutcher better hope the FTC and SEC see it the same way.

Young Guru and Hakim Green - 24 HOURS OF PEACE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is Akon Trying To Create A Male Version of Lady Gaga?

Georgetown Basketball Team Bang Out In China

<a href='' target='_new' title='Basketball brawl breaks out' >Video: Basketball brawl breaks out</a>

The Game Apologizes To Sheriff For Twitter Mess Live On CNN

Dave Chappelle First Interview In 5 Years - Part 2

Dave Chappelle - First Interview in 5 Years - Part 1


Floyd Mayweather Sued For $200k Over Skating Rink Shooting

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being sued for almost $200,000, over an August 2009 shooting outside a Las Vegas skating rink.

Defendants Quincy Williams and Damien Bland filed a lawsuit in the District Clark County Court in Nevada yesterday (August 16th).

Williams, who once worked for Mayweather, became estranged with the world champion boxer around 2009, after he sent a text message stating he hoped that the undefeated Mayweather lost next match.

The men crossed paths at the Crystal Palace Skating Center, where Mayweather allegedly threatened Williams' life.

According to the lawsuit, Floyd Mayweather ordered his bodyguard to shoot at Williams' BMW, which was struck by at least six bullets, as it left the skating rink parking lot.

The lawsuit also claims that associates of Mayweather have been making verbal or physical threats to Williams and Bland since the incident.

Floyd Mayweather is accused of conspiracy, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress negligence and liability.

Suge Knight Reignites a Turf War

The Legend Nas Speaks About Illmatic

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Kevin James is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist born and bread in the North Western city of Seattle Washington. The story of his life has been trying to fit in between the pull of the streets that his parents made every attempt to keep him out of, and the push of KNOWING that he was meant for greatness.
Through his younger years Kevin began to discover a talent about himself, the ability to deliver messages, and to do so unlike any other around him. Sooner or later someone would notice. He was proven right, people did begin to notice. From poetry contests to school yard battles, from school yard rap groups to demanding respect in the studio as a poet, and as a dominant lyrical force for that matter. Kevin James has taken the step into showing the World what he can do. Through out the discovery of who he is as an artist has topped charts on social networks for music like MYSPACE.COM/KHAOS206, by drawing in listeners by the thousands with songs of love, hate, passion, and money. Now he is looking for the next step in his journey to the top where fitting in is NOT required... As you have taken the time to read this for a reason, you are now apart of the very same movement.

Hilarious: Affion Crockett On Jimmy Kimmel!

*NEW* Westwood - Big Sean speaks on Drake comparisons

Officer's Last Act Of Kindness Caught On Tape Just Minutes Before He's Gunned Down (VIDEO)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Diddy Top Forbes Hip-Hop List

Jay-Z and Kanye West are already poised to seize the top of the charts with Watch the Throne. But before the final sales figures are even tabulated, the superstar hip-hop duo are already rap's top cops, thanks to their #1 and #3 ranking on the Forbes Hip-Hop's Top Earners list.

Entrepreneur Jigga earned the first spot with more than $37 million in earnings, just outpacing another serious multi-hyphenate, Diddy, who was no joke just behind at $35 million. It's the fourth time Jay has worn the Cash Kings crown in the past five years. Kanye was a bit further behind at #3 with a not-too-shabby $16 million.

How did Jay do it? Partly from the earnings for his Blueprint 3 Tour, a major 10-year, $150 million deal with Live Nation, as well as his ownership stakes in the NBA's New Jersey Nets, his 40/40 club chain and the ad firm Translation. Interestingly, this also marks the first time he's outearned wife Beyoncé since they married in 2008.

Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Forbes staff writer and author of the Jay-Z biography "Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner to Corner Office," said Jay has become the "gold standard" to which hip-hop artists aspire when it comes to mixing business and music. "I'd put Diddy and Birdman up there too, but Jay is always at the top of the Cash Kings list because he makes brilliant business moves but keeps putting out relevant music," he told MTV News. "Others [on the list] are more one or the other, but he keeps doing both."

Diddy's cash came mostly from his stakes in the clothing lines Sean John and Enyce, his Bad Boy record label and marketing firm Blue Flame. In fact, only 20 percent of his earnings were from music, with the vast majority coming from his lucrative partnership with Ciroc vodka.

Read more....
Jay-Z, Kanye West, Diddy Top Forbes Hip-Hop List

Friday, August 12, 2011


University Of Life Presents~ Aug 14th 2011 (Sun) 7PM - 9PM The Urban Net In Gaithersburg, MD. FREE ADMISSION~Open Mic 7PM Special Guest (Len Barksdale and Daun-Te Live w/Band) Tell A Friend And We Can't Wait To See You There! {You Never Know What You Gonna Catch @ The Urban Net}.

All Access- Plastic Cup Boyz clothing...Webisode # 2

All Access - Meet the Plastic Cup Boyz

HTC Acquires 51% of Dre's Beats Electronics For $300 Million

Super producer Dr. Dre and his company Beats Electronics will sell a 51% stake of the company to Taiwanese telephone maker HTC for $300 million dollars.

Beats Electronics is a venture between Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records.

The company specializes in making high end headphones, which are customized for a variety of pop stars, who sell them to their fan base.

In addition to the Beats by Dre line, Beats Electronics has made headphones for artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and others.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company was acquired to improve the sound quality on phones, music, video games and movies for HTC.

“This will give us opportunity to innovate,” HTC Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou said.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will continue to run Beats Electronics.

“When Jimmy and Dre started this, they had a very specific vision of what Beats would be,” said Beats Electronics president Luke Williams. “It wasn't about headphones, it was about fixing the degradation of sound.”

Ghostface Goes On The Offensive Against Universal Over Royalties

Ghostface Killah has gone on the offensive against Universal Music Group, in a new lawsuit over the rap groups royalties.

Ghostface Killah, born Dennis Coles, filed the lawsuit yesterday (August 10th) in New York State Court, claiming that Universal is collecting twice the amount it is supposed to in royalties.

Universal has claimed that they owned 50% of the Wu-Tang Clan songs, but according to a decision in February, Universal only owns a 25% stake and should only be collecting 12.5% of the income earned from the group's songs under the contract.

The lawsuit claims that Universal Music has collected twice the amount of royalties, and therefore owes Ghostface tens of thousands of dollars in royalties.

News of the lawsuit against Universal comes after Ghostface Killah himself was subject to a lawsuit by Jaques "Jack" Urbont, creator of 1966's "Iron Man Theme."

In that lawsuit, Urbont claims that Ghostface illegally sampled and used his trademarks for “Ironman,” and “Tony Starks," to enrich himself without paying royalties.

Thisis50: Red Cafe Talks About The Hold Up For His Album, Groupies & Cho...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis

Peter Gunz Confronts Affion After Making Fun Of Cory Gunz In A Parody On...

Common ft. Nas "Ghetto Dreams" (Official Video)

George Lopez's TV Show Is Getting Cancelled

TBS has just announced that the last episode of Lopez Tonight will air Thursday night. George Lopez has been hosting the show for two seasons.

The kicker is that Conan O'Brien's show isn't doing well and is reportedly failing at the network, leaving it in danger of cancellation as well. Meanwhile, Jay Leno is doing fine.

Apparently O'Brien did to Lopez what Leno did to him. When Leno returned to NBC, his show bombed, affecting Conan's ratings. Similarly, Lopez had the original 11 PM time slot, and when Conan came to TBS, Lopez moved to midnight. When the change was made, Conan didn't bring in as many ratings as expected, and Lopez's audience fell 40%. Meanwhile, Jay Leno is still doing fine.

Basically, what all this means is, people are watching Jersey Shore. And reruns of Jersey Shore. Maybe Conan should try wearing some fuzzy boots and Lopez should get some gigantic breast implants.

"TBS has reached the difficult decision not to order a third season of Lopez Tonight," the network said. "We are proud to have partnered with George Lopez, who is an immensely talented comedian and entertainer. TBS has valued its partnership with George and appreciates all of his hard work on behalf of the network, both on and off the air."

Neither Lopez nor O'Brien has released any formal or non-formal statements regarding the cancellation.

His final guests will be Raven-Symone and comedian Auggie Smith. They're good guests, but I don't foresee this being on par with Oprah's farewell

Money Talks: Behind Birdman's Empire!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beanie Sigel Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion. Could Face 3 Years In Prison

Beanie Sigel pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges today in Philadelphia.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records signee earned more than $1.3 million between 2002 and 2004, but was accused of failing to file tax returns for those three years according to the Philadelphia Inquirer

His attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr., said he will contest the government's calculation of taxes owed at Sigel's sentencing hearing in November.

The 37-year old Sigel could face up to three years in prison.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Rapper Big Sean was arrested after his concert in upstate New York last night!

According to reports, Big Sean has been accused of "forcibly touching" a fan at his concert in upstate New York.

After Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa wrapped up their concert, a woman claimed that she was sexually abused by Big Sean, whose real name is Sean Anderson, and another man by the name of Willie Hansbro.

Police refuse to release details about the case, but did cite that Big Sean and Willie were arrested but posted $500 bond.

Big Sean and Willie Hansbro are due back in New York court September 6.


Snoop Dogg Announces Deion Sanders Hall of Fame Induction

"Power 105 1's The Breakfast Club Interviews "The Game"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Virginia Tech ends lockdown after no gunman found

A sighting of a man possibly carrying a gun prompts Virginia Tech to cancel classes and tell students to stay inside. The lockdown stayed in effect for five hours as a precaution on the campus, where 33 people died in a mass shooting in 2007.

Police stop traffic on the campus of Virginia Tech after a possible gunman was reported at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va, Thursday.

Tech lifted a lockdown Thursday more than five hours after three youths reported seeing a man carrying what may have been a gun covered with a cloth on the campus where 33 people died in a mass shooting four years ago.

Authorities scoured the campus and even released a composite police sketch of the man, but uncovered no new information.

At 2:41 p.m. EDT, the university posted a note on its website declaring an end to the lockdown under which students, faculty and others had been asked to remain indoors. But the school said a "large police presence" would remain on campus.

In 2007, the Blacksburg, Va., school was the scene of a massacre that left 33 dead, including the shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, who killed himself at the end of the rampage. It remains the deadliest shooting by a single gunman in U.S. history.

The sighting Thursday of a man carrying what appeared to be a gun brought the 2007 incident to the minds of officials from the university to the White House. Classes were canceled, and students were asked to remain home.

"Stay inside. Secure doors," the university said about 9:30 a.m. in a web alert to the campus community. The school said a white male, about 6 feet tall with light brown hair and possibly holding a gun, had been seen near Dietrick Hall in the middle of the campus. He was wearing a blue-and-white vertically striped shirt, gray shorts and brown sandals, officials said, and had no facial hair or glasses.

Authorities rushed to the scene, but no gunman was found, according to university officials briefing reporters. The lockdown remained in effect as a precaution, Larry Hincker, associate vice president for university relations said at a televised news conference.

Officers from at least five law enforcement agencies, including the Virginia State Police, were dispatched to the campus, according to authorities.

According to the university, the drama began at about 9:09 a.m., when three juveniles attending a camp on campus reported seeing a man holding what may have been a weapon covered by a cloth.

Most of Virginia Tech's 30,000 students are on vacation break, but several thousand people are attending summer classes, officials said. About 6,500 employees also were on campus Thursday.

President Obama was briefed on the situation, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

"These kinds of situations are frightening, regardless. But happening as it is now at Virginia Tech, we're reminded of the horrible tragic event there in 2007

Really?? Rep Pat Buchanan Called President Obama "Your Boy" To Al Sharpton!; He Replied "He's Nobody's Boy, He's Your President, Get That Thru Your Head"

Lloyd Comments On His Relationship w/ Irv Gotti

Rapper Lil Wayne, Young Money, Cash Money Sued For $15 Million Over "BedRock"

Rapper Lil' Wayne has been hit with a $15,000,000 lawsuit over the hit single “BedRock.”

Done Deal Enterprises, based in Waynesboro, Georgia, filed a lawsuit against Lil Wayne, Young Money Records, and Cash Money Records, in the United States District Court, Southern district of New York, over the song.

The lawsuit, which was filed on August 1st, claims that the rapper stole their copyrighted tune “BedRock,” and incorporated it into the track of the same name, that was eventually featured on the compilation album We Are Young Money.

We Are Young Money peaked at #1 on the Billboard Rap charts upon its release in December of 2009.

The Young Money version of the tune featured guest appearances by Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lloyd, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and was originally produced by Kane Beatz.

According to the lawsuit, the single has moved an estimated 3,000,000 copies, while the album has been certified Gold (500,000 sold) by the RIAA.

The rapper and his counsel have been directed to appear in court on October 12th, 2011.

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