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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Divah Talk #5: Black Women We Need to Do Better Links With Hillary Clinton To Produce Rap Concert In China

Black Eyed Peas frontman recently met with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in Washington DC, where it was announced that the rapper will direct a concert in Beijing later this year, to highlight the importance of educational and cultural ties between the United States and China.

The concert will celebrate US–China educational and cultural exchanges, with a performance by and other American and Chinese pop stars, who will support President Obama's "100,000 Strong Initiative."

President Obama launched the “100,000 Strong Initiative” in May of 2010. The program aims to dramatically increase and diversify the number of American students studying in China.

“In order to become responsible global citizens, young people need to experience the world around them,” said. “Kids from underserved communities rarely have the opportunity to study and travel abroad, and we want to change that. We must make sure that American students have the cultural awareness and skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.”

The concert is being organized by Americans Promoting Study Abroad, which is a US-based nonprofit organization offering full scholarships to public high school students for language and cultural studies in China.

Proceeds from the concert will be donated to support and operate programs abroad for underserved American students studying in China.

Brandy on my own trailer

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lamar Odom in a near fatal accident

Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom was involved in a car accident in Queens, New York. Lamar was the passenger in the car when it struck a motorcyclist and a pedestrian.

TMZ Reports:

Lamar was being driven by a car service yesterday in Queens when the car struck a motorcyclist and a 15-year-old boy.

Lamar was not injured -- but we're told he was particularly upset by the accident (and even crying afterward) since he was already in town for his cousin's funeral.

We were originally told Khloe was in the car with Lamar, but that was not the case.

According to our sources, Khloe is in NYC with Lamar but was not with him at the time

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anger of Casey's Acquittal Spawns Caylee's Laws

They won't never get over it.

Matthew Knowles thinks Jay Z caused the problems between him and Beyonce

Beyonce fired her father and long time manager Mathew Knowles in March after an audit she had conducted showed he was stealing money from her.

Knowles denied the allegations and blamed Live Nation for causing the rift between himself and his daughter.

Now according the Associated Press Knowles filed legal papers in Texas that not only name Live Nation, but also Jay-Z's Roc Nation and Columbia Records. Knowles claims they have all said "negative comments about me."

"We absolutely have not taken any money from Beyonce, and all dollars will be accounted for," Knowles told The Associated Press. "In no way have we stole money. Again, this about the people who have made these claims — they have to come into the light," he said. "The team ironically appeared to be a cross-pollination of Beyonce's team, Roc Nation's team, and Live Nation's team, who ironically have the most to gain."

Knowles insists his personal relationship with Beyonce is fine. But he feels like there are people around her that are giving her bad information.

"The relationship with Beyonce is extremely amicable. I want to make that clear. Where there's concern is the people that she's doing business with," he said. "I'm challenging all of these folks on integrity, professional integrity."

This one could get ugly folks

Harry Potter Opening

Beyonce Does it again

Friday, July 15, 2011

Biggie's Mom Voletta Wallace Denies Sample for Lil Kim

It’s a big momma thang, and apparently Biggie’s mom won’t clear the sample on Monica’s new single “Anything (To Find You).” The track which features Rick Ross, Missy Elliot and Lil Kim contains samples from the Notorious B.I.G.’s 1995 track “Who Shot Ya” and according to Monica’s Twitter Ms. Wallace cleared the sample, but denied Kim’s contribution.

“I am just finding out what has happened to my single and myself & Missy are beyond hurt that @LilKim was removed. She’s our friend, a legend & @LilKim will get the respect she deserves at all cost. The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate.” the R&B singer wrote on Thursday (July 14).

“I am as through as they come and I LOVE @LilKim bottom line is Ms Wallace has the final say and she said No. If we put it out we get SUED,” she added.

Monica’s “Anything” contains a vocal interpolation from Big’s 1995 banger as well as a beat that is very reminiscent to “Who Shot Ya,” however Biggie’s record is not an original composition. The Nashiem Myrick-produced track features a sample from David Porter’s 1972 song “I’m Afraid the Masquerade is Over” and Ms Wallace’s beef may be over the borrowed Biggie lyrics and not the beat itself.

Either way, it seems that Kim and Ms Wallace, who have a history of bad blood, will not be resolving their issues anytime soon.

Gucci Mane out of Jail

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Russell Simmons gives it to the republican leaders

To all my Republican friends, billionaires and multi-millionaires, stop bitching and pay your damn taxes. How dare you make record profits and not want to contribute more to fixing our problems while some in our country are suffering the worst economic times since the Great Depression? I DON’T NEED A TAX BREAK. I AM RICH. AND SO ARE YOU!

STORY: Stop The Bitchin' And Get To Work!

The Vice President was right when he told the Republican leaders to “get real” during yesterday’s White House negotiations. Who amongst us is stupid enough to support politicians that want to protect guys with corporate jets and five homes around the world? What rock are we living under? I know this may not sound like the voice of a yogi, but even Krishna would have told Arjuna stop crying and pay your damn taxes. So, stop this nonsense and start giving.

All of the billionaires and multi-millionaires who think they work hard, tell me what box you lifted today? Most of you, not all of you, but most of you got some lucky break or your daddy left you all that you needed. I know, for one, I am one of the very very lucky ones. Talent was a small second to the luck I’ve had while building my businesses. The “hard work” is the fun part; the only happiness we get is derived from that service. We know from all the scriptures that the results of the labor make can us sick. And holding onto the fruits of our labor will definitely make us sick.

The President has shown he is willing to make compromises and make difficult decisions to put this country back on the right track while it seems that all you want to do is play Russian roulette with the most vulnerable people of our nation. The President is showing leadership and you Republicans are showing how silver your pockets are lined by the corporate interests. That is not acceptable and you should be targeted for support. You ought to know full well that we cannot decrease our deficit by only cutting our spending. We MUST raise revenue. And those who have made the most should give the most.

I am ready to write my check and you should be ready too. Rant over. Namaste.

-Russell Simmons

Kobe Plays Bow Wow One on One for a $1000

The Black Mamba against the White Mamba

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain - Official Movie Trailer (HD)

Pimp C.'s Wife Responds To Rap-A-Lot Lawsuit Over Masters

Rap-A-Lot Records 2K filed the legal action against Chinara Butler on June 17th, claiming that she was withholding 10 master recordings of unreleased material by Pimp C. that the label contractually owns.

The lawsuit was filed after Chinara Butler sent Rap-A-Lot a cease and desist letter regarding the use of Pimp C.'s music, name and likeness for an upcoming album.

In an exclusive interview with, Chinara Butler broke her silence regarding the Rap-A-Lot lawsuit and the struggles she has experienced since Pimp C. died of sleep apnea and drug use, in December of 2007.

According to Chinara, she is not feeling the selection of music for an upcoming album tentatively titled Still Pimpin' featuring unreleased recordings by Pimp C.

"I want to make sure everyone understands that with those songs and my whole issue is that, I don’t feel like we should try to do something new with Chad’s music, if he didn’t do it," Chinara Butler explained to "To me its not right and clearly I’m not feeling it. Just like the songs, I’m not feeling a lot of the singles."

According to Chinara, lack of communication is one of the reasons the legal actions on both sides have started.

"I think its been about three years or so since we [Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince] had contact and we got together and we talked about what he wanted to do and what I wanted to do," Chinara Butler said.

The other reason is simple. Butler said she has not received any sort of payment for the upcoming Pimp C. project, which she is also supposed to be be executive producing.

"I’m being sued when you [Rap-A-Lot] are putting out a project and I haven’t even received any money or anything from? I will never amend anything," Chinara Butler told "This is about him [Pimp C.] and all I can do is make him proud and make sure no one tarnishes his legacy, and what he built his whole life…I just think its sad."

Chinara Butler was clear that her issues were strictly business, and had nothing to do with Pimp C.'s rap partner, legendary artist Bun B.

According to Chinara, she is teaming with Bun B.'s wife to host a breast-cancer awareness event later this year.

"Me and Bun’s wife are doing something for breast cancer in October and we have Chad’s event in December," Chinara Butler told "I just have to teach my kids that when times get hard you have to be positive and stand for what you believe in."

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